Let us help beat those January blues!

January can seem one of the gloomiest months, but don't let it get you down, did you know days are now getting longer and average less rainfall than in December.
Boost your mood by taking a walk with the animals around our farm trail, just 30 minutes of natural light, even weak winter sunlight, can be enough to make you feel happier and energised. And with prices only £3/Adult and £2/ Child its a fun cheap way to get out and about.

To brighten up your evenings Aston's restaurant have a few dates for your diary;
Jan 10th - Bistro night £27.95
Jan 16th - American Diner FULL
Jan 24th - Burns night £24.95
Jan 30th - Pie, pea & quiz £15
Feb 7th - Bistro £27.95
Feb 13th - Italian themed night
Feb 14th - Valentines night; Treat the love of your life to a delicious culinary experience!
Feb 21st - Bistro £27.95
Feb 27th - Pie, pea & quiz £15
If you are thinking of planning a party or wanting large group of friends to get together, we have the perfect venue. Our Hayloft is available to hire at £15 per hour or as an overflow to a bistro night, it comes free of charge!

Don't Forget the Paint-a-pot studio re-opens this Saturday 10th, try something different and unleash your creative side!

See you soon!                                
Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2015
Posted by Emily Swain

New lambs

Our flock of sheep has grown in recent weeks. There are four new lambs which have recently been weaned and so are able to live away from their mothers. They are all gimmers (female) so in the future they will form the basis of our breeding flock.

We also have a Jacob ewe called Jasmine. She is the black and white sheep with the big horns that curve back over her head. Some Jacob sheep can have as many as six horns! Jacob sheep originally come from the Mediterranean area but they have been bred in this country for over 250 years.

And finally there is Heather the Hebridean sheep who is black all over. Hebridean sheep are a small breed native to the Hebridean Islands of Scotland. They can have either two or four horns which curl round behind their ears.
Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2013
Posted by Bridget Evans